Few words about Phising & Robot Exclusion standard

Phishing and Robot Exclusion standard

Lux SPR 720 LAB #02 Shell Scripts

Hi Lux guys i have posted Shell scripts for our SPR Lab no #02 Here is link.

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Nothing Special. But for me, Coz I spent almost whole day.Not a problem. Just a matter of time.


GNU System & Linux (A Fact I just known to it)

Hi LUX guys

I am really astonished to know the facts about GNU System/Linux Kernel.Its worth to read.

Linux & the GNU Project

Hats off!  to Mr. Richard Stallman

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First Post.. Got courge to post

  • Hello! Thanks for visiting my web log. Its my first post. Its my second day in college. Its really a nice experience for me.
  • I have to write more.Its just a matter of time.Very soon i will be back with more stuff.
  • Thank you very much for visiting my Blog