Installing from source & packaging

To do the practice for lab work of ‘Installation from source’ &  Packaging I have down loaded the source tar ball for supertuxkart, a linux game.

I have went through the experience of how to install the software from source & how to packaging it as well. i have done this in two phases. step are given below. Hope fully my blog post for this experience will help.

Installation from source:

1. Down loaded the tar file from

2. Extract the source file with #tar xvf <tar.gz>

3 ./configure (this step require some addition dependencies.including the free-glut-devel at the time of “make’ .

4. make

5. make install

its running well

Screen short from Supertuxkart Linux game

Second phase


1:  rpmdev-setup tree

2. copy the source tarball in to ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES dir

3. cd ~/rpmbulid/SPECS

4. rpmdev-newspecs supertuxkart-0.4

5. vi supertuxkart-0.4.spec edit spec file (name & version column are very important should be same as original source tar ball)

6. rpmbuild -ba supertuxkart-0.4.spec (this step give an error message )

RPM build errors:
    Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:

this problem get solved by making entry for each directory in the spec file under %files section e.g.

for error for "/usr/share/applications/supertuxkart.desktop"
i made an entry in "spec" file under %files 


then aagin "rpmbuild -ba supertuxkart-0.4.spec"

every thing went fine & successful

 supertuxkart-RPMS and -SRPMS   


1. Class notes SPR720 (prof Chris Tyler)
2. On line help on IRC #seneca by prof. Chris Tyler
3. Thanks to prof. Chris Tyler for his time for me to help even at weekend.

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