Xwin lab#08

It is really interesting to know we can run application on local computer , but actually they are displaying remote computers.


#xterm -display

this command will display an X terminal on remote computer’s display number 1, while the command is invoked form

and the vice versa is also true

we can run command on remote computers but their GUI will display on local computer.

ssh -X -C varinder@china firefox

its relly interesting.

but could not understand the following command

X :2 -query [server2’s IP] &

X :2 -indrect [server2’s IP]


Xwin-Lab #06 Fonts installation

Fonts can be installed very easily. The method is

Step 1. Make a directory  named  .fonts in home directory .i.e. ~/.fonts.

step 2. Copy fonts in the directory created in step 1. Ie. in ~/.fonts

It will install new fonts and we can access these fonts in Open Office writer and other similar  applications.


I have tried the same method on my Dell laptop to view the news paper in Punjabi language. But its not working. (The same method working on my DELL Desktop)

Link to my lab work

My Lab work for Fonts Lab#06

Importing Picture from Digital Camera and Processing in Fedora Linux

This Tutorial is explain the process of Importing Pictures from Digital Camera in Fedora Linux.

The list of Equipments and tools used in the process is given below

1. DELL P-4 2.8 GHz with 1GB RAM. Fedora 9.0.

2. Panasonic Digital Camera LUMIX MEGA O.I.S 6.0 Mega Pixels, 6X Optical zoom.

3. GIMP 2.4.7


Here are the steps

1. Attached the digital camera through USB interface & Switched it on
2. Fedora 9.0 Automatically Detects the Camera and displays a window on Screen

Widows Popedup immidietly after swtiched Camera on

#3. After pressing the OK button it will start importing photos from digital Camera to show as thumbnails with “Open gThumb Image Viewer”


#4. Now We have option to select to Copy/store  the Pictures on computer in a folder of our choice under specific Categories .i.e Holidays, Family and Birthday etc.


#5. Pressing OK button will start Downloading Pictures in folder we have selected.


#6. We can process image with GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) , free open Source software from GNU.

Here are some example of processed image with GIMP


The above image is processed with Waves effet with GIMP

From “Filter –> “Animation”—>Waves

Here is Waves tools is in effect


Screen shot of Filter—>Animation—>Waves tool

  • More Effect:- Crop Cut/Paste & Noise Effect to Images


Of course we can do much more i.e. crop & copy effects  in picture.

Above Picture is showing effect of “Simulation Glowing boundary of Neon Light”.

If can implemented with option .i.e. Filter—->Edge-Detect—->Neon

I hope My Blog post will helpful.

Torrents and Magnet Links

The Bit torrent is a peer to peer(P2P) file transfer protocol. It is widely used to distribute data/software at a large scale without the original distributor is bearing the cost of hosting, bandwidth, hardware etc. when a data is distributed using p2p protocol then each recipient participate in distribution of data to new recipient.

Bit torrent client is any computer that is using the bit torrent protocol. Each client is capable of requesting, uploading any type of file form the bit torrent network. A peer starts with downloading a file in pieces. These pieces not be contiguous from the file, rather these are random. With the help of tracker, peer can find other peers having the other pieces of file. So while communicating peers can, upload(distribute) a pieces of file while downloading the other.

Magnet Links

Magnet links is a way to make reference to resources available in peer 2 peer network. The link identify a resource (file) not by location rather by name, or hash value. So it is called URN rather than URL. Magnet links are differ from torrents, in that the users can just copy and paste the magnet link s in to email, messaging system. Magnet link can also be shared through websites.



Here is Link to Shell script for backup of files created in last 24 hours (1day)
Shell Script to Backup the files in User’s Home Directory

Python Game script to Guess a number

Just a beginner in python programming.It has very simple way of defining data structures such a lists , lists of lists, arrays & arrays. Variable declaration is quite simple no need to declare a variable type and variable inilization. just use it. very simple.
Unlike C, there is not a lot of punctuation.

while (True): and while True: Both statements are working well.

Here is link to python Game script

Python SPR-720 Number Game (python-game.py) Script

My project yumjhand.py module ver 0.2 release

my project work contains yumjhand.py func (Fedora Unified Network Controller) based, module, written in python. It will adds more functionality to existing func based module yumcmd yumcmd.py . Yumjhand.py module contains a method named ‘install’. Not working completely yet. trying to make it work

here is link to code.

Link to yumjhand.py Module

sayhello() is another method in yumjhand module just to test the functionality. It prints the message Hello! World.
Link to Project Page
Project Page at Seneca WiKi

func yumjhand module with some error

Newly created func module (yumjhand)has two methods named ‘install’ & ‘sayhello’

Only ‘sayhello’ method is working. ‘Install’ method has some typical python errors.Trying to figure it out.