Boot:linux ks=nfs:

Kick start file is working!!

I had removed all the comments from ks.cfg file. Stored it on NFS share on a computer.

The contents of /etc/exports
/nfsshare 142.204.141.*(ro)

Booted the another computer from DVD having IP 142.204.141.zzz(I forget the last octet).
At the boot grub oprion menu Just pressed the key . Then there is “Boot:” Prompt


At the prompt i Entered the following Command

linux ks=nfs:

Guess what happens??, Computer got the kick start file form NFS server having IP Installation process started. It installed the Fedora Linux Automatically without entering any information from the key board.
The First screen I have seen was “Formatting File System”.

Installation process took about 20 minutes.

I have tried it on another system in Lab and it works perfectly.

Finally Kick start is working.

Another method what i did few months ago was..

Copied all rpms from Fedora installation DVD to NFS share. including the kickstart file.
Then boot client computer( on which we want to install GNU/Linux) with only bootable (Rescue CD). At boot prompt, just type

linux askmethod

Then the installation process will ask you from were you want to install the Fedora/GNU Linux.Then from many options we can choose NFS Share from the server with the path to NFS share directory.

This way we can install as many as clients from single source. The advantage of just bootable CD is that it is just to boot the computer. So when the installation process starts, we can take cd out and can start another installation on another machine.

We can make kick start file with


I hope the post will help


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