Torrents and Magnet Links

The Bit torrent is a peer to peer(P2P) file transfer protocol. It is widely used to distribute data/software at a large scale without the original distributor is bearing the cost of hosting, bandwidth, hardware etc. when a data is distributed using p2p protocol then each recipient participate in distribution of data to new recipient.

Bit torrent client is any computer that is using the bit torrent protocol. Each client is capable of requesting, uploading any type of file form the bit torrent network. A peer starts with downloading a file in pieces. These pieces not be contiguous from the file, rather these are random. With the help of tracker, peer can find other peers having the other pieces of file. So while communicating peers can, upload(distribute) a pieces of file while downloading the other.

Magnet Links

Magnet links is a way to make reference to resources available in peer 2 peer network. The link identify a resource (file) not by location rather by name, or hash value. So it is called URN rather than URL. Magnet links are differ from torrents, in that the users can just copy and paste the magnet link s in to email, messaging system. Magnet link can also be shared through websites.


Here is Link to Shell script for backup of files created in last 24 hours (1day)
Shell Script to Backup the files in User’s Home Directory


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