DVD Slide Show in Fedora Linux 9.0

It is very easy to make a DVD slide show for Pictures captured from Digital Camera.I have used the few simple steps given below.

1. #yum install  dvd-slideshow

2 #dir2slideshow -n “familyslideshow” -t 3 /dir-for-pics

The command above will create a text file, that will be used in next command.

“familysildeshow” is name of slide show. “-t 3”  is the time gsp betweem photo show.

3. #dvd-slideshow -n “familyphotos” -f <textfile-created in step 2>

this command gives me error of BIT Rate

To solve that i did the following steps

4 # vi /usr/bin/dvd-slideshow

go to line number 661

changed ac3=1 to ac3=0

again run the same command in step #3

it will create a file with extention .vob. In my case i got familyfotos.vob

its done.

Now to run the slide show we need “mplayer”

so steps are

1 # yum install mplayer

it will install mplayer

to run slide show the command is very simple

#mplayer familyfotos.vob

this command will run a slide show with all photos in a directory we have.


Slide show starts (Image above)


One of image from my slide show

we can add music to slide show with the same command with more options.

Its really a great utilty


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