LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project)

LTSP Installation
Its simple and easy to setup a LTSP (Linux Terminal server Project) server.The link given below has the installion steps. Follow them and its done

Link to LTSP Installation Steps

OS. Fedora 9
Hardware used: Dell LATITUDE | D610 1GB RAM Pentium M 1.8GHZ

The steps I followed

1. # yum install ltsp-server
2. # yum install ltsp-vmclient
3. #echo “/opt/ltsp *(ro,async,no_root_squash)” >> /etc/exports
4. #ifup ltspbr0

# service xinetd start
# serivce ltsp-dhcpd start
# service rpcbind start
# service nfs start
# service sshd start

# chkconfig ldminfod on [ it Gives me follwoing error message]

[root@station11 ~]# chkconfig idminfod on
error reading information on service idminfod: No such file or directory

# chkconfig nbdrootd on
# chkconfig nbdswapd on
# chkconfig tftp on

# ltsp-build-client [ to begin installation of the /opt/ltsp/i386 client chroot.]

Building the ltsp client

Building the ltsp client

Its Done. Now run the command to launch LTSP Client to test.

# ltsp-vmclient

 LTSP Client booting up

LTSP Client booting up

LTSP client Login Scrren

LTSP client Login Scrren

Server and client desktop screen after login

Server and client desktop screen after login


My server has already running dhcp server. It cause and problem while booting the LTSP client with message NO IP Found

After stopping dhcpd and restarting ltsp-dhcpd restart it works fine.


3 Comments on “LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project)”

  1. miltonpaiva says:

    Varinder I followed your tutorial, but it didn’t work in my computer. Do you know what is the problem ?

    • varinderjhand says:

      Hi Milton

      Thanks for Comment. Can you please tell me error message. Please stop the fire wall while building-client
      I am in IRC

  2. kezhong says:

    Good job! I’m waiting for your new version.

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