Youtube Videos Colour Problem

You Tube videos in Firefox were showing red/pink colour. In the beginning it was not with every video.  After few clicks  it started happening with every video.

Top of that it happened with the Firefox as well as Google chrome.

I was getting

Instead of this

What i found is.

There is some bug/problem with latest version of Adobe flash player. I find the older rpm, one step lower to latest version.


#rpm -i flash-plugin-

restarted firefox.

Works fine for Firefox. Chrome used a special version of flash. So chrome still shows same  thing.


By chance if you are browsing internet via Google chrome But having issues with Firefox. I was unable to browse at all using firefox. You can try this link

Good luck and have Fun.


One Comment on “Youtube Videos Colour Problem”

  1. ben says:

    i’m having EXACTLY the same problem. running ubuntu (jolicloud)..
    i found the post is right, for youtube. but not for all flash streaming video sites..

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