Connect to GNU/Linux Machine from Windows Machine using Winscp

Step by step procedure to setup SSH key based Login from Windows Machine to GNU/Linux machine (Follow at your Own risk)

  1. Create a ssh key pair using GNU/Linux as follows

This will create two files (keypair) id_rsa (private key) and (public key) in .ssh directory under user’s home directory

          1. Copy public key ( to the users home directory on GNU/Linux Machine in following path. authorized_keys is file name contains the public key./home/username/.ssh/authorized_keys
          2. Copy the private key file (id_rsa) to windows computer using usb or another method what ever is good for you.
          3.  To login to GNU/Linux machine from windows machine, it is required to convert the private key (id_rsa) to .ppk format. For that we need a software called “Puttygen”. So go to windows machine and download and install the PuttyGen (puttygen.exe) software from the link below
          4. Convert the private key to .ppk format using the following information. Open the Puttygen that has been recently installed
          5. Click on Load
          6. Select the file name id_rsa (private key file not the public one). Make sure to change the “Files of Type” option to “All Files (*.*).
          7. Click on open and you will get the following screen
          8. Click on “Save Private key” button
          9. Passphrase is a kind of password on keys. Select “Yes” if you dont want want any password on ssh keys. If you select no you have to remember this password all the times.
          10. Now we need a client application (Winscp or Filezilla or another you like). I download the Winscp form the link below. If you like, you can down load from here as well

12.    Finally Open Winscp and login to the Linux machine using following information. Note that, you have to attach a .ppk (private key file) using the attach button under “Priavte Key File:” option


3 Comments on “Connect to GNU/Linux Machine from Windows Machine using Winscp”

  1. VR says:

    Thank you very much!

  2. Tortoise SVN says:

    […] on Linux Machine, You can get help from the article how to ssh login from windows machine to Linux How to ssh login from windows machine to Linux Machine 2. For SVN check out, do the following on your windows machine 2.1 You have already installed […]

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