Installing Driver for Broadcom NIC during Debian installation

Installer prompted for driver for Broad com NIC during installation. As the drivers are available only via non-free. So were not available on Installer CD/DVD. Installer ask if this driver is on external USB stick etc. I was lazy and always use Pauls’ USB. Today Paul forget his USB at home. I find the deb package on Debian website. Downloaded and copied and extracted to my USB. Installer refused to get driver from USB. I thought it may not be on proper location. So i copied driver in another directory and on the root (without any directory) of USB as well. Still installer refused to get the driver.

I Googled again and what i find is….

My USB key has NTFS file system and installer can read from FAT only

Solution: Backed up all the USB data. Formatted USB as FAT. Copied Broadcom NIC  Firmware files to USB. Tried again. Every thing was fine.

Be careful while Installing driver from external media and have Fun..


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