Change Debian root password without CD

It Works for me for Debian. Follow at you own risk. More Risk more profit and loss

If you had installed  Debian or any other  GNU/Linux Machine after having all or any one of Green Label/MaximummICE/CarloRossi, most likely the chances are you  have forgetten the root password. If you forget root password for any other reason still you can follow the steps to reset root password

  1.  Reboot the machine (If people are accessing service then they would get disconnected)
  2. At the grub prompt press ‘E’ or ‘e’ to pass kernel perimeters
  3. Go to the line that starts with “Linux”   and add “init=/bin/sh” (without quotes) at the end of the line
  4. Then hold ctrl and press x key to boot the machine
  5. It will take to you # prompt with root privileges.
  6. /  is mount as read only so you have to mount it as read/write

#mount -n -o remount,rw  /

7.    #vi  /etc/passwd

8. Go to the line that stats with “root” and remove “x” from the  second column. Save the            file and reboot the machine/server

9. At login prompt enter “root” as user and you are logged in (it wont ask you password)

10. To change password


Enter new UNIX password:

Retype new UNIX password:

11.  Of-course you can  choose easy password  to remember e.g. MagicMoments,  SMIRNOFF, GoldenEagle, RedKnight, KingFisher But very easy for cracker to crack.So choose another one.

Have FUN !


6 Comments on “Change Debian root password without CD”

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  2. tzeputzepu says:

    Well. It is not working. At reboot when I try to login as root it says “Authentication failure” without even asking about a password.

  3. susanlbaker says:

    Thank-you — you rescued me from my newly found super power — managing to type the password in wrong… the same “wrong” twice. Pretty scary knowing how easy it was though…

  4. vannath says:

    very nice thanks

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