Powering on the virtual machine fails with the error: The file specified is not a virtual disk

It happens to when I have migrated the Virtual Machine from One network to another. I followed the procedure as mentioned in the link listed below


This issue occurs when the .vmdk descriptor file is corrupt or missing. I my case it was corrupt.

Follow the Resolution heading in above said link. The step by step  procedure is given in the link below


In step 3 Instead of     scsi1.virtualDev = “lsilogic”

My Virtual server show me  scsi1.virtualDev = “lsilogic1068”

So the corresponding command ( vmkfstools -c 4294967296 -a lsilogic -d thin temp.vmdk ) does not work for me. But i had  replaced the  lsilogic1068 with lsilogic in command and it works fine. Rest is same and i followed step by step

It works awesome!

Have FUN!